Filo Tart ŵ roasted pumpkin, feta & caramelised onion (V)Caramelised onion & feta tartlet with honey drizzle

Caramelised onion & feta tartlet with honey drizzle

Spinach & feta filo fingers

Corn fritter with bacon, salsa & avocado

Sweetcorn, ricotta & basil fritters with smoked paprika aioli

Petite sandwiches filled ŵ cucumber, feta & Himalayan pink salt (V)

Petite sandwiches filled ŵ chicken, cream cheese & pistachio

Chicken & cilantro salad in a wonton cup

Thai chicken salad wonton cup with a peanut sauce dressing

Chicken bruschetta topped ŵ peach chutney

Poached chicken & coconut salad, Asian herbs

Chicken Waldorf in a crispy filo tartlet

Salmon on potato cake ŵ crème Fraiche & thyme (GF)

Shrimp & mango salad on a spoon (GF)

Smoked salmon blini with dill crème Fraiche & capers

Thai Fish Cake topped ŵ a prawn & cucumber salad (GF)(DF)

Salmon bruschetta ŵ avocado & tomato salsa

Tartare of salmon, avocado & coriander with black sesame seeds served in a spoon

Sesame crusted tuna on a spoon, ŵ mango & coriander salsa (GF)

Shrimp cocktail – tomato, lettuce, celery & 1000 island dressing (GF)

Five spice duck ŵ pickled veg, on a spoon (GF)

Shredded duck & pickled vegetable salad on a spoon (GF)

Chicken liver parfait on crostini ŵ micro herbs

Mini Yorkshire puddings filled ŵ beef, watercress & horseradish

Rare venison, on a potato & herb rosti, ŵ plum chutney (DF)

Pink lamb on parmesan shortbread ŵ sticky onions

Peppered lamb fillet crostini, truffle mushroom pate

Antipasto skewer

Mexican Salsa Filo cup (V)

Southland Venison served on a Kumara Hash Cake w caramelised Pear & Blue Cheese


Bluff Oysters served w Manuka honey & Aged Balsamic dressing on a spoon

Crayfish served in a spoon ŵ pickled lemon & avocado mousse

When selecting canapes, we recommend you choose a selection of meats, include a vegetarian and gluten free option too – just in case.



Pear & walnut pizetta ŵ Kikorangi Blue & Roquette (V)

Mushroom, thyme & mozzarella aranciniSundried tomato & mozzarella arancini

Sundried tomato & mozzarella arancini

Smoked chicken & basil pesto arancini

Whitebait fritter on white bread rounds ŵ Roquette & lemon mayo

Crispy prawns with coriander spiced salt & a lime aioli

Mini chicken fajitas

Zucchini & onion bhaji w raita

Thai chicken & peanut balls ŵ sweet chili to dip (GF)Chicken, brie & cranberry strudel

Chicken, brie & cranberry strudelScallop wrapped in pancetta ŵ sauce romesco

Scallop wrapped in pancetta ŵ sauce romescoPanko prawns ŵ a miso mayo

Panko prawns ŵ a miso mayoTandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken pizetta ŵ spring onion & yoghurtBraised beef & mushroom

Braised beef & mushroom pizettaChorizo, sundried tomato & mozzarella pizetta

Chorizo, sundried tomato & mozzarella pizettaDevils on horseback (GF)

Devils on horseback (GF)

Lamb skewer ŵ garlic, mint & cumin (GF)

Lamb skewer ŵ garlic, mint & cumin (GF)Beef satay skewer with peanut dipping sauce

Beef satay skewer with peanut dipping sauce

Jamaican jerk chicken skewerLamb kofta ŵ tzatziki to dip

Lamb kofta ŵ tzatziki to dipChar-

Char-sui pork belly ŵ pineapple relish, on a spoon (GF)

Pork belly skewer with Vietnamese caramel sauce, cucumber ribbons

Crispy five spice pork belly spring rolls

Tempera blue cod wrapped in nori ŵ a sesame & miso mayo

Mini sausage nibblers ŵ a BBQ saucePulled Pork Croquet ŵ a chipotle sauce

Pulled Pork Croquet ŵ a chipotle sauceBeef Pastrami croquette, pastrami, potato, cheddar, mustard pickle

Beef Pastrami croquette, pastrami, potato, cheddar, mustard pickle

Pulled lamb croquette, romesco & gremolata

Mac & cheese balls

Mini-open venison burger ŵ a recurrent onion jam

Mini Beef wellingtonMini vol

Mini vol au vent ŵ chicken & mushroom or salmon, caper & fennel



Pulled pork ŵ slaw & BBQ sauce Slide

Beef brisket ŵ bbq sauce Slider

Chicken ŵ baby spinach & a cilantro mayo Slider

Bean Pattie ŵ beetroot & horopito relish Slider

Salmon ŵ wasabi slaw Slider

Beef ŵ Roquette & a blue cheese mayo Slider

Southern styled pulled pork & cheese slider with a creole mayo

Greek style slow cooked lamb, oregano, capsicum & feta slider

Southern style chicken, capsicum & cheese slider



Spanish pork belly slow roasted w mashed potato w a cannellini bean & chorizo ragout

Aromatic lamb tagine w quinoa, currants, beetroot & sumac

Mini lamb roast w sticky root vegetables, pan gravy & mint

Spiced leg of lamb w rosemary potatoes served in pail w a fork

Canterbury Lamb Cutlet rubbed w Kawakawa, served w Roasted Vine Tomato, Green Beans, Potato Rosti & pinot noir glaze

Beef Bourguignon – bacon lardons, mushroom & onions in red wine sauce w gourmet potatoes

Roasted beef loin w potato gratin, green beans & merlot jus

Noodle box w Thai spiced beef tossed through sprouts & rice noodles

Thai red beef curry w aromatic rice, Thai basil & Kaffir lime

Snapper pie w chardonnay, basil & a Roma tomato salsa

Seared salmon w potato & dill salad & salsa Verde

Baked blue cod w saffron potatoes & creamed spinach

Pan Tempura prawns on Asian slaw with a ginger mayo

Tempura blue cod wrapped in nori ŵ a sesame & miso mayo

Tuna nicoise ŵ potatoes, green beans, olives & egg

Fish goujons ‘n’ spiced wedges served in pails w tartare & lemon

Ratatouille Nicoise- Provencale stewed vegetables

Falafel ŵ tabouli salad, garlic pita crisps & tzatziki

Pesto & four cheese ravioli pasta w Sicilian vegetables topped w Parmigiano reggiano (V)

Jerk spiced chicken thighs w rice pilaf, peas & spring onions

Chicken pasanda w cashew nuts, coconut rice & a poppadom

Yucatan chicken skewers w charred zucchini, Limes & Ancho Chilli sauce

Lemon chicken stirfry w cashews served on hokkien noodles in pails

Mini bratwurst on mashed potato w caramelized onions & peppers in jus lie

Venison pie w a pea puree & bacon lardons

Jerk chicken on Jamaican rice, bean salad with lemon yoghurt sauce

Karaage chicken on Asian slaw with wasabi mayo

Pumpkin & spinach ravioli with a pesto cream sauce

Bombay lamb curry with basmati rice and toasted almonds

Thai Beef salad with a tangy dressing

Smoked salmon, German potato salad and watercress

Chicken coq-au-vin, with a seeded mustard mash

Southern fried chicken with a Vietnamese slaw

Texan BBQ smoked chicken Caesar salad

BBQ lamb fillet, mini Greek salad, tzatziki

Corn, black beans & cheese quesadilla

Thai vegetable curry w basmati rice

Goat Rendang curry