Unserviced Platters – Great for an office party or home entertainment!

Cut Point Sandwiches $65.00 per platter (can be GF)
fresh club sammies ŵ a variety of fillings

Petite Sandwiches $65.00 per platter  (can be GF)
Selection of chicken & cranberry, cucumber & feta, salmon & cream cheese

Gourmet Filled Flutes $65.00 per platter
flutes filled ŵ a variety of deli meats

Chicken & Lemongrass Wontons $65.00 per platter

served ŵ a mango chutney

Sausage Nibblers $65.00 per platter  (GF)

Selection of petite bratwurst, Angus beef, lamb & mint & cumberland sausages served ŵ chunky dipping sauce, olives & peppers

Beef Yorkshire Puddings $65.00 per platter  

filled ŵ  roast beef, fresh horseradish crème & watercress

Lamb Kofta $65.00 per platter

 Tender lamb kofta balls on forks ŵ tzatziki to dip

Gourmet Selection Of Savouries $62.00 per platter (can be GF)

 An assortment of homemade savouries and sausage rolls

Petite Moroccan Lamb Sausage Roll  $55.00
served ŵ tomato relish

Pork & Apple Sausage Rolls $62.00 per platter
ŵ Watties to dip

Beef Bouchee $65.00 per platter (GF)
potato & herb rosti topped ŵ beef & plum chutney

Blue Cheese Bouchee $68.00 per platter (GF)
ŵ caramelized onion on a potato rosti

Salmon Blini $72.00 per platter
ŵ cold smoked salmon

Thai Fish Cake $78.00 per platter (GF)
ŵ a prawn & cucumber salsa

Salmon on Potato Cakes $80.00 per platter (GF)
ŵ fresh thyme

Chicken Blini Platter $60.00 per platter

Shredded chicken ŵ caper mayo & bacon

Vegan & Vegetarian Platter $60.00 per platter (GF)
Vegetable crudites ŵ hummus, grilled vegetable skewers & pita crisps

Vegetarian Dips Platter $60.00 per platter (GF)
Crisp Vegetable crudites & crunchy bread bark served ŵ
Baba Ganoush, tzatziki, tapenade & pesto

Middle Eastern $70.00 per platter (GF)
Fresh cut vegetable sticks, skewered sausage, falafels & pita crisps served ŵ hummus & garlic yoghurt to dip

Mushroom Risotto Cakes $65.00 per platter (GF)
ŵ lemon aioli & herbs

Artisan Breads & Spreads $55.00 per platter (GF)
Fresh cut Artisan breads served ŵ hummus, balsamic oil & pesto

Focaccia Buns $80.00 per platter
Focaccia buns filled ŵ sliced lamb, tzatziki & spinach




Gourmet Baked Potato $68.00 per platter (GF)
Baked gourmet potatoes ŵ cheesy bacon filling

Antipasto Platter $125.00 per platter (can be GF)

Selection of salami, pastrami & Parma ham ŵ melon wedges, artichokes hearts & sundried tomatoes & dips of tapenade, pesto & hummus served ŵ Artisan breads

Kebab Platter $80.00 per platter (GF)
Assortment of satay chicken, honey soy beef, lamb kofta
& falafel ŵ dipping sauces

Croquette Platter $65.00 per platter

 Selection of homemade croquettes ŵ dipping sauces

Ploughmans  $120.00 per platter (GF)  )
Sundried tomatoes, pickled onions, gherkins, chutney, pate, salami, two cheese ŵ  rye & French breads

Cheese Trio $125.00 per platter (can be GF)
Selection of three cheeses served ŵ fruit & chutneys, Californian grapes, crackers & date & walnut bread

Mediterranean Mezze $100.00 per platter (can be GF)
Olives, artichokes, char-grilled capsicums, feta, melon, salami, roasted nuts ŵ hummus & flat breads

Side of Salmon $120.00 per platter (GF)
Hot smoked salmon side served ŵ crostini, herb aioli and petite salad

Delhi $80.00 per platter (GF)
Lamb Kofta, poppadoms, minted yoghurt dip, mango chutney, tandoori chicken skewers & samosa ŵ naan bread

Asian Influence $80.00 per platter
Wonton crisps, vegetarian spring rolls, sticky chicken nibbles, pork dumplings served  ŵ  soy & sweet chilli sauces

Fishermans Plate $100.00 per platter (GF)
½ shell mussels ŵ coriander, chargrilled prawns, scallops wrapped in bacon ŵ a petite salad, lemon wedges, aioli & breads

Sweet Treats $65.00 per platter (GF)
Chefs Selection of sweet cakes & slices ŵ Californian grapes

Sweet Delights $90.00 per platter
Chocolate éclair fingers, lemon & passion fruit tartlet, chocolate & cognac truffles & strawberry cream filled profiteroles dipped in white chocolate

Assorted Danish $65.00 per platter
selection of fruit, custard & chocolate danish pastries

Scone & Muffin Platter $55.00 per platter

selection of scones mini muffins, served ŵ butter, berry jam & whipped cream.

Fruit Platter $60.00 per platter

Selection of fresh seasonal fruit ŵ Greek yoghurt

The Cupcake Platter $95.00 per platter
Selection of delicious cupcakes, great for kids parties


Platters have approx. 25-30 items per platter
Price includes disposable platters (unless otherwise requested) with paper serviettes.
A delivery fee applies to all orders from $25 depending on location
Minimum 5 platters per order & based on your final guest numbers. Prices are including GST

Some platters may not be available during some months during the year.