Our fabulous state-of-the art 12-metre satellite kitchen is unique in the South Island of New Zealand. It’s this specially designed rig kitchen and our other mobile kitchens that enable Moveable Feasts to deliver on its name – moving fabulous food feasts to any location throughout the South Island and farther afield.

With its own power generator; fully automated dishwasher and hot and cold running water; it’s versatile, manoeuvrable and quiet. It’s undoubtedly the perfect place for us to prepare restaurant quality food on-site in the most remote locations; garden settings; playing fields; corporate premises.

Our satellite kitchen and mobile kitchens enable us to serve a full buffet; ala carte or set menu – all prepared fresh on the day and served to perfection.

We’re proud of our ‘big rig’ – it allows us to deliver fresh, fabulous food where no other catering company can!

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